Tuesday, January 11, 2011

IRA New Year Statement

The following statement was released anonymously to The Sovereign Nation.

Irish Republican Army

New Year Statement 2011.

The leadership of the Irish Republican Army extend new years greetings to our friends and supporters both nationally and internationally, we send fraternal greetings to revolutionaries around the world and pay special tribute to those imprisoned for their stand against colonialism, imperialism, capitalism and occupation. Likewise we send greetings and solidarity to our own volunteers in the field and those captured by the enemy.

In the past year there has been no mistaking the fact that a conflict exists in occupied Ireland, the British, Free State and Colonial parliament in the six counties have collectively been unable to conceal or deal with this fact.The enemy has resorted to doing what it has historically done in such a situation, it has resorted to mass harassment, house raids, intimidation and politically motivated arrests and convictions as well as the demonisation and criminalisation of our struggle through the mass media and other channels. None of the above measures have worked in the past nor will they work now.

In the year to come the leadership of Oglaigh na hEireann, pledge to continue to resist occupation in all its forms in Ireland and continue to do so in a strategic and disciplined fashion, we will learn from past mistakes and will strive to expand the theatre of our operations in line with our strategy. We will continue to target institutions and personel in the military, political, policing, justice and commercial and economic fields. Those who actively engage in the occupation of Ireland and those who assist this occupation are the enemies of the Irish people. In the last year the lines of demarcation between those who continue to defend Irish sovereignty and those who wish to subvert it have become clearer, in the year to come these lines will become even more stark.

Victory to the IRA.

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