Tuesday, January 11, 2011

IRA New Year Statement

The following statement was released anonymously to The Sovereign Nation.

Irish Republican Army

New Year Statement 2011.

The leadership of the Irish Republican Army extend new years greetings to our friends and supporters both nationally and internationally, we send fraternal greetings to revolutionaries around the world and pay special tribute to those imprisoned for their stand against colonialism, imperialism, capitalism and occupation. Likewise we send greetings and solidarity to our own volunteers in the field and those captured by the enemy.

In the past year there has been no mistaking the fact that a conflict exists in occupied Ireland, the British, Free State and Colonial parliament in the six counties have collectively been unable to conceal or deal with this fact.The enemy has resorted to doing what it has historically done in such a situation, it has resorted to mass harassment, house raids, intimidation and politically motivated arrests and convictions as well as the demonisation and criminalisation of our struggle through the mass media and other channels. None of the above measures have worked in the past nor will they work now.

In the year to come the leadership of Oglaigh na hEireann, pledge to continue to resist occupation in all its forms in Ireland and continue to do so in a strategic and disciplined fashion, we will learn from past mistakes and will strive to expand the theatre of our operations in line with our strategy. We will continue to target institutions and personel in the military, political, policing, justice and commercial and economic fields. Those who actively engage in the occupation of Ireland and those who assist this occupation are the enemies of the Irish people. In the last year the lines of demarcation between those who continue to defend Irish sovereignty and those who wish to subvert it have become clearer, in the year to come these lines will become even more stark.

Victory to the IRA.

Monday, January 3, 2011

32CSM 2011 New Year Statement

32 County Sovereignty Movement

New Years Statement


We commend our activists for their diligence and hard work in attempting to secure the integrity of our national sovereignty. We applaud the efforts of others who struggle likewise under their own chosen banner. We send New Year greetings to republican POW’s and their families and rededicate ourselves to their service.

2010 was a year which laid bare the harsh realities of our struggle. In protest against the degradation of strip searching and its vindictive use republican POW’s embarked on a series of actions in protest against the Stormont’s regime’s deliberate policy of attacking republican prisoners. Matched on the outside by regular vigils and marches the political opposition which was generated forced the authorities into negotiations.

With the use of agreed independent arbiters an agreement was reached to the satisfaction of all. However the authorities have resumed their original policy of using strip searching to degrade the prisoners. This was a political decision which has implications for all republicans. An attack on one prisoner is an attack on all prisoners and demands a unified response from all republican organisations. Our resolve must at least match that of the prisoners if we are to successfully confront Stormont’s prison policy.

The recent disclosure of State papers clearly shows that the issue of republican prisoners was a cornerstone in British strategy to undermine our struggle. They clearly show how Dublin also collaborated to achieve the same end. This collaboration now has an added dimension in that former comrades are now part of the British establishment in Ireland. That establishment takes it for granted that its members collaborate in the wider British interest. We openly call on the PSF leadership to come clean and to stop talking out of both sides of their mouths. It is your regime which is inflicting this degradation on republican prisoners. Is this your so called peaceful alternative to Irish unity? It is your actions that define you, not your words, overt or otherwise.

2010 also witnessed seismic events in economic terms. Fianna Fáil’s self serving economics led the State to bankruptcy. It bailed out bankers and developers and levied the bill on ordinary citizens. They privatised profits and socialised losses. They surrendered their so called sovereignty to the International Monetary Fund all the while denying it in drunken interviews to the people. But the real issue for republicans and socialists is that our protests failed to impact on events. The crisis in capitalism, which should have opened up so many opportunities for our cause, was duly addressed by capitalism itself. This is the reality we must face and we must face it pragmatically.

2011 must be a year of introspection and innovation. We must look at ourselves and address our failings. What went before has reached its zenith. We need to explore and devise new ways of getting our message across. We need to be more innovative in our protests. We can no longer be satisfied that our protests simply happen: they must also have meaningful effect.

We address young republicans everywhere; this is your time, it is your era, your society, your technological age, you need to lead the way on this front. Irish society has evolved a new language in which it communicates with itself and we need to learn it. Republicanism needs your ideas to advance. Our communities have the expectation of new initiatives to assist them. We need to demonstrate to our people that our aims are relevant to their everyday lives and represent an enrichment of society.

The continued violation of our national sovereignty has led to the inevitable consequence of armed struggle. Those who are engaging in military operations against British occupation have every right to do so, as they always had throughout our history. The function of the Sovereignty Movement is not to question this right nor question the merits of invoking it but to address the cause which makes it inevitable. This we will continue to do in whatever way we deem to be progressive. Treating the Irish Republican Army as a militia is a deeply flawed approach. Predicating a peace strategy on the exclusion of Irish national rights is doomed to failure.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement reaffirms our commitment to seeking an end to British Parliamentary activity in our country. The divisions amongst our people can only begin to be resolved when Westminster and its many agendas are finally removed.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

March & Function In Support Of POW's

Liverpool Address

The Anglo Irish conflict is not resolved. The British Parliament and Crown still maintains a sovereign claim over part of Ireland. Acts of insurgency against this claim continue. Irish POW’s remain incarcerated. No amount of emotional rhetoric or flawed references to democracy can mask these blatant truths.

The starting point for democracy in Ireland is an immediate British withdrawal. The terms for a just peace must begin with self determination for the Irish people. Every generation has asserted these rights. Acts of the British Parliament can have no place in the sovereign affairs of the Irish people.

The claims of British neutrality toward the Six Counties are a sham. Their vindictive punishment of republican prisoners of war is one testimony of this. It has always been British policy in Ireland to abuse republican prisoners as a means to undermine the broader republican struggle. And it has always been met with the same determined response. Like all colonial powers they fail to comprehend the immortal words of republican prisoner and hunger striker Terence Mac Swiney; “It is not those who can inflict the most but those who can endure the most who will conquer”.

In Maghaberry Gaol the Prison Authorities, with the blessing of their political masters in Stormont, engaged in a policy of using degrading strip searches to intimidate and cower republican POW’s. These abuses were carried out systematically. Solitary confinement was imposed on the whim of screws. Visits with family were also impeded as part of this policy.

But the POW’s would not be cowered or intimidated. Neither would their families. They embarked on a series of protests directly challenging the regime. Outside of the prison thousands took to the streets in solidarity with our comrades. Despite the best efforts of the establishment and the media their silence on the issue could not be maintained. The groundswell of anger and support forced them to the table.

With independent arbiters an agreement was reached which addressed the prisoner’s demands. The protest came to a conclusion. But like any agreement with such authorities it needs to be constantly monitored. This is not just the task of a few but the duty of all of us concerned with this issue. Be assured there are those who are diametrically opposed to this agreement, or any agreement, which affords POW’s their deserved status. They will actively seek ways to undermine and reintroduce the old system of abuse. We need to say to such faceless servants of the Crown; you will fail!

On behalf of all Irish POW’s we extend fraternal greetings and heartfelt thanks to our comrades in England, Scotland and Wales who have campaigned so selfishly on their behalf. Your efforts have been a great source of inspiration to them in their incarceration.

Beir Bua

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The Writing On The Wall

"The men whose manhood you have broken will loathe you, and will always be brooding and scheming to strike a fresh blow". James Larkin

Republican Activist s in England demonstrated their support for the Irish Republican Prisoners of War, currently on protest in Maghaberry Concentration Camp for restoration of political status, refusing to allow the British Government, to criminalise the liberation struggle.